Hi! Right so Hug Me Now started from family inspiration from our kids David and Leah.
Before moving to Sydney Australia we had a couple of very plain faceless bunnies that we got before David’s birth in 2013.

After battling with getting him to sleep through in his infant years and trying it all we didn’t know what to do. Luckily we pulled toys out of the closet and in there was bunny he picked it out and when he went to sleep it worked like a charm! Up to today he still has bunny with him albeit now at 6 only at home. He had that bunny everywhere and it was his best friend! Luckily with Leah we tried it early on when she came in 2015 and again it worked
and bunny two did it’s magic.

We couldn’t find any more of these bunnies and only had a limited few that we managed to get. One of our friends wanted one for her daugther that was anxious of sleeping and seperation anxiety at the toddler stage. We said to try one of the bunnies and again did it’s magic and the little girl has it
eveywhere even though our friends tried other toys.

We later on asked the kids what makes that bunny so special and around all the imagination stories it seemed they all loved the fact that bunny has no face so doesn’t stare or talk to them, only when they, the kids, want to. Bunny is smooth and very flexible and it’s basic outline is not intimidating at all. Bunny also has soft colors and soft blanky like ears and tags that they use to get them restful and sleepy.

It was amazing that such a simple toy became such an important part of their little worlds and lives. One day my son came to me and said he wants to help other babies and kids have a bunny because he felt sorry for his friend’s little brother crying. So that’s where Hug me Now started and coming
from helping and comforting our little one’s wellbeing just like a Big Hug from Mom and Dad!