Snuggle Cuddle Bunny

This is Bunny plain and simple. Bunny is in essence a blank canvas for baby to color in the way they want to with only very basic but important outline feautures and soft colors.

Bunny is ideal to comfort and soothe little children as the child forms his/her ideal friend in their imagination.

The ultra soft thick plush and flexible body makes for a perfect sleep assist and stroking toy to fall asleep with.

The faceless features make for a non staring , non intimating toy that won’t keep the little one awake and help fall into baby’s natural daily and night patterns

The friendship (Blanky) attachment with bunny helps the little one with security , creative and imaginatory development.

We developed and made bunny all in a soft grey tone, with pastel blue, pink and silver to give a soft and delicate apperance to baby.

We further use high quality fabric and stuffing to ensure lasting softness, stiching and make bunny compatible to put in washingmachines and tumble drying as per Mom’s request so it’s easy to wash and dry with least hassle possible to Mom.

Due to our uniformity and classic design we will continue to be available and on prime delivery in case my bunny collegue goes missing and baby desperatly needs their buddy.

Hug Me Now: for the wellbeing of our little one’s

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